Vislow Resort, Wisła

Vislow Resort, Wisła
A figure of Adam Małysz made of chocolate

A figure of Adam Małysz made of chocolate

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The chocolate figure of the most outstanding jumper in the history of Poland - Adam Małysz, was made in 2001 by confectioners associated in the Confectioners' Association of the Republic of Poland in gratitude to the master of Wisła. It was made of a block of white chocolate weighing 330 kg. The figure itself weighs 180 kg and measures 250 cm in height. In 2007, the Wedel company renovated the figure, filling in small defects and recreating the master's ear, which some special admirer had liked; new skis and a fourth Crystal Ball were added.

On the Market Square in Wisła, ie Hoffa Square, there is the Spa House behind the fountain.
It is in its hall that you can see the statue for free.

Distance from Vislow - 4.8 km on foot / 5.5 km by car.

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