Vislow Resort, Wisła
Vislow Resort, Wisła
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Restaurant VISLOW

The taste of the Beskids.

The taste of the Beskids. We respect that which is unique.

VISLOW’s respect for nature is demonstrated in every detail, including in the kitchen. The VISLOW restaurant is a true kitchen where #comfortfood turns real. Ingredients are the priority. We give our guests what we would want to get ourselves – full flavour.

A sense of peace – close to nature  

The enormous windows offering a view of the forests around VISLOW will give you a sense of peace. The simple and minimalist interior is emphasised by the fact that the most important thing in the VISLOW Restaurant is the food. On warmer days, you can enjoy the terrace. We offer advice in scope of wine pairings to the meals ordered. This may be the start of a beautiful wine adventure. Beer aficionados will also find some interesting labels there.

Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter. We take advantage of them all.

A season-based menu? Only in harmony with nature, which decides which gift to share and when. We are patient gourmets and will wait with reverence for a given fruit/vegetable to reach its full flavour so it can be served on our plates. Fall is a time for celebrating pantries, which hold all of our treasures. We pickle, marinate, and preserve. During the winter, we look for inspiration to root vegetables, cheeses, and seasoned meats. In the spring, we turn green. Spring is also a time for early vegetables and everything ‘first’. In the summer, we turn to overindulgence on all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Oh, those strawberries…

#lesswaste – We have already taken the first step

Sustainable restaurant operation covers both economics and ecology. We are fully aware that – being restaurant operators – we are responsible for the environment we use to get our products from. Every ‘plate’ in our restaurant is the crowning of the work of the farmer, breeder, cook, and – last but not least – the visionary: the chef de cuisine. We believe in the ‘less waste’ philosophy and want to take maximum advantage of products with minimum waste generation. This is an endless process, which requires attention and constant improvement. Let’s go!

The kitchen. The kingdom of the Chef.

Bartłomiej Malec. The Chef de Cuisine at the VISLOW Restaurant. Always there. Always on time, even ahead of time. He amazes everyone with his ingenuity and respect for regional products. Lamb, trout, sheep milk cheese? A tough choice, but also proof that you need to visit the VISLOW Restaurant more than once to fully experience the taste of the Beskids.

You can ask about anything ;)

Psst! We need to add a third ‘always’ – our chef always finds the time to talk to the Guests. He firmly believes that knowledge should (and needs to) be shared. You can ask him about anything ;)

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