Vislow Resort, Wisła

Vislow Resort, Wisła
nature. beauty. spa.

nature. beauty. spa.

We believe that inner peace can be achieved by acting on the senses.

We are confident that our Spa treatments, rituals and ceremonies will deeply relax the body, allowing a person to find peace and tranquillity and to calm the senses ─ forgetting about the cares of everyday life.

We know that nature affects our wellbeing and we want to make this matter. 



“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”
Albert Einstein


NATURE - We respect nature.


We respect everything surrounding us. And we draw wholeheartedly from everything that the world gives us. We are sensitive and remain open to continuous learning. To live at peace with oneself, with nature, with people, and with the world. To be fascinated by the world and just how beautiful it is!


Get to know the names of our spa salons:
Massage salon Caltha palustris - Kaczeniec; a flower very popular in our area; it can be said that Vislow and SPA were created precisely on these flowers.
Cosmetic salon Alcea rosea- Malwa; her flower symbolizes care, femininity, tenderness, gentleness, longing for nature, hospitality.


BEAUTY – treatments using natural and honest cosmetics that are skin and environment friendly, healthy, support the body’s natural ability to regulate, and give long-term effects enhancing the natural beauty and harmonious development of the body and soul. 

SPA - „Sanitas Per Aquam”

SPA – “Sanitas Per Aquam” means health through water.
We firmly believe in the soothing and healing properties of water and its cleansing power. Our SPA in the surroundings of the Vistula River will lead you to a haven where you will reconnect with yourself and find true harmony of the body and soul with nature.




Danusia - SPA manager.
She graduated from Cosmetology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow; certified cosmetologist and masseur, passionate about manual techniques
In everyday life ? She is a passionate supporter of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet as well as skin bio-stimulation, which are the essence of maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance.
Privately, a mother of two girls, fascinated in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, a lover of healthy cooking and exploring new flavors, and a travel enthusiast.
Ola - cosmetologist, masseur.
Student of cosmetology -> biological regeneration specialization. At work, she is fully realized and constantly improves her qualifications, learns new techniques, is open to new solutions. The right person in the right place - each completed procedure is a brick in building experience and deepening passion.
And when she's not working, she goes for walks ... Romantic; Most thoughts are concentrated in the setting sun, and thus the head rests, the body breathes. On the active side, we have bicycle and travel; broadening horizons is in her nature :)
Natalka - cosmetologist, masseur.
She lives right across the river and is just finishing her studies in cosmetology in biological regeneration.
She is passionate about her work, she is very ambitious, and on her account we will find many courses, among others from kobido massage, which is often referred to as non-surgical facial massage.
Her commitment can be seen at every step, and the greatest satisfaction is given by the effects of treatments performed on clients.
When She is not working, he is hiking in the mountains; each peak climbed is a dose of energy to act in everyday life, at every stage of it. Travel also gives her strength; both small and large.

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