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Phyt’s special treatments are the pledge of an incredibly sensual and authentically natural skin care experience based on organic plant extracts, precious cold-pressed oils, and organic essential oils. Celebrating 50 years of tradition, these professional French certified organic facial and body treatments and cosmetics are guaranteed 100% natural and contain no synthetic additives, like preservatives, PEGs, parabens or silicones, carrying the prestigious COSMEBIO and QUALITE FRANCE labels.


The exceptional effectiveness of Phyt’s BIO-active cosmetics has been confirmed and certified by numerous laboratory tests. At Phyt’s, expert knowledge goes hand in hand with the aromatherapy tradition of which France is the cradle. During Phyt’s treatments, you will see and experience for yourself how the fragrances from plant extracts not only soothe the senses but also pamper the skin. Verbena, Ylang-Ylang, rose, geranium, cypress, and cloves are just some of the delicate notes of the aromas present in Phyt’s French cosmetics. What do they have in common with the well-being of our skin? They regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, reduce inflammation, calm hyper-reactive skin, slow down collagen and elastin fibre degeneration, and inhibit melanin synthesis to reduce discolourations and age spots. These truly are “special task” extracts that are carefully selected to care for specific skin types and beauty concerns. The cosmetics used during the treatments are enclosed in individual single-dose glass ampoules. With Phyt’s cosmetics, you can be certain that you will receive only the best that nature has to offer.

We greatly value and appreciate the power of touch, which is why every treatment is complemented by massages that are a key element of Phyt’s treatments. Therefore, the Phyt’s Ritual is a combination of an effective treatment tailored to your specific skin type accompanied by an incredibly relaxing massage with aromatherapy and a proprietary massage programme.



Mokosh Cosmetics produces exceptional natural cosmetics that capture the highest quality and involve the meticulous selection of raw materials, consistency, and fragrance. The Mokosh product formulas are the fruit of the joint work of technologists and cosmetologists, which is why they meet the real needs of customers so well.

The name of the company comes from the Old Slavonic Mokosh, the goddess of earth, moisture, abundance and fertility, who in ancient beliefs took care of the crops and women. Mokosh uses her gifts to create the recipes of the cosmetics. Only carefully selected, mostly organic raw materials with proven effect are used in their production. The range includes single- and multi-ingredient formulations for comprehensive face and body care.

Because the brand creators are committed to caring for the environment, MOKOSH packaging is returnable and the promotional materials are created using recycled materials. They have created a non-commercial project called #EarthIsHome that brings together hundreds of people to clean up the World.

MOKOSH crafts unique and custom rituals for SPA salons that are based exclusively on natural products and the skills and knowledge of the best cosmetologists. MOKOSH rituals ensure full regeneration of the body’s vital forces and deep relaxation. Their versatility allows the treatments to be tailored to the current needs of the client. Such an approach facilitates bonding with the environment and is conducive to both the client and the spa ritual professionals. MOKOSH brings people together and inspires them to foster wellbeing and self-care.


The Organic Series cosmetics combine state-of-the-art technology with the pure goodness of natural ingredients. The creation of formulations that have been thoroughly laboratory tested and scientifically proven is just one of the objectives. Another goal was to create products that are good not just for the skin but also for the world. In times of growing consumerism, we firmly believe that it is possible to foster the highest quality effects and the environment.

Vegan Product. In setting new standards in professional cosmetology, we have consciously withdrawn from using constituents of animal origin in every possible case*. We hold firm the principle of beauty without cruelty which is why our range of cosmetics are not tested on animals and meet the strictest standards.

Natural formula. Over 98% of the active substances in our cosmetics are organic. You will not find any parabens, artificial colourings and fragrances, mineral oils, PEGs, paraffin, ingredients derived from GMOs, synthetic silicone oils, and minerals that irritate the skin.

The products have been tested by independent, accredited laboratories. This means that the effectiveness of the preparations have been confirmed in clinical trials so that you can enjoy the wholesome and spectacular results that are desired!

The Organic Series cosmetics contain as many as 17 active ingredients in one cream! The composition of the cosmetic formulations has been specially selected to ensure that specific components interact with each other and give long-lasting results. The volume of the active substances ranges from as much as 35% to 68%, which is why you can be sure that products carrying this label will bring sensational effects and benefits.

*only 5 out of 76 of our products are not fully vegan as they contain one constituent of animal origin: lactobionic acid or beeswax.

Manufaktura Bosphaera was created out of respect for the natural environment and the gifts it bestows us with. We also built it with the need to provide our friends and relatives with cosmetics that are based on natural active ingredients that nurture both body and soul. Bosphaera are handmade natural cosmetics created with a passion and love for nature and the environment surrounding us that give us truly positive vibes. Initially, we were making them mainly for friends and family but as time went on we decided to take a risk and follow our heart. We transformed all our energy, enthusiasm, ideas and dreams into goals and objectives and concrete actions. And all this ─ after several years of testing, months of hard work, and weeks slipping through our fingers ─ resulted in unique cosmetics. Cosmetics that are a part of us and our lives. Cosmetics that take care of our body and embrace and soothe our senses. From start to finish, we only use traditional methods to make our cosmetics. Each product passes through our hands and is honed and perfected right down to the smallest detail. This gives us great satisfaction and joy because we know that we are handing over to you only the best products with an exceptional composition and powerful effects. Our formulas are inspired by nature and created for people of all ages. We want our soaps, body butters, creams and bath muffins to be bespoke and unique. Our mission is to give joy and satisfaction to everyone so that they can enjoy the captivating fragrances of the products in our offering, which evoke a plethora of positive emotions and have an original and unique composition.



Deleon – a small manufactory in Cieszyn, was established by Patrycja Obracaj. The artisan soaps are entirely handmade from natural ingredients. We only use the highest quality butters, oils, pressed juices, extracts and infusions from Polish herbs, as well as organic goat’s milk to ensure that our soaps are delicate and nourishing for the skin. Natural artisan soaps contain large amounts of glicerin that hydrates the skin.
Patrycja's love of natural cosmetics emerged alongside her interest in healthy eating. In 2012, there was a very poor choice of cosmetics with good and functional ingredients, free of unnecessary fillers, colourings, and intense fragrances. She gradually started to learn about how they work and the effects they give in cosmetic products. Her mum, who really knew her herbs, was a great help and there was a considerable book collection at her home as well as many precious herbs and plants in her garden.
“After three years of mixing various kinds of creams, balms and conditioners, my mum finally asked with a hint of impatience when I would finally make her some soap. It was clear to her that this was the next step to take but, for me, it all seemed very magical and mysterious. I once again started to acquire knowledge and read many books on the topic. I wanted to take in everything that was published to date to find out as much as possible and, in the end, I plucked up the courage and there was no turning back... This love for the craft is still going strong today and is rooted in hard work. I wanted to create soaps that not only smell and look nice but also, asides from their obvious function, clean and care for the skin. And I am proud to say that I succeeded.”


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