Vislow Resort, Wisła

Vislow Resort, Wisła
Ecological Education Center

Ecological Education Center

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The task of the Ecological Education Center is to enrich the natural knowledge of residents and visitors, build awareness of human impact on the environment, shape a sustainable way of using natural resources. The Center offers a wide range of activities for schools and organized groups, such as: workshops, trainings, meetings and special events and environmental events

The building is surrounded by educational gardens. In order to display examples of biodiversity of the Vistula and the Silesian Beskids, the gardens have been divided into sectors. The multitude of species, varieties and colors of plants attract pollinators - honey bees, bumblebees and mason bees. In the central part of the garden there is a place for shrubs. Many of them, such as guelder-rose, quince or hawthorn, bear fruit intensively, making them an excellent feeding base for birds. Under the crowns of young trees, a number of deckchairs and benches have been placed, which form the Relaxation Zone. In the alley, varieties of cherry plum with maroon leaves and conifers - Scots pine, larch and balsam fir were planted. Along the grassy corridor, we will learn about the varieties of commonly grown cereals: millet, rye, oats, wheat, barley and triticale. The labyrinth of vines arouses great emotions. Walls overgrown with clematis, honeysuckles, ivy or climbing rose radiate green. Children's activity and great fun will be ensured by a number of colorful trampolines. The garden of the senses will stimulate our sense of smell, hearing, sight and touch. It is adjacent to a bed of fragrant herbs, where we can find oregano, catnip, thyme, lavender and many more. A bit further we find a geogrid with an exhibition of rocks characteristic of the region. Information and descriptions of species as well as interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the Silesian Beskids in the gardens of the Ecological Education Center can be found on illuminated totems and information panels. They are also described in Braille.


Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00
Mondays closed.

Presentation of the exhibition hall and educational gardens with the employee at full hours.
Organized groups are kindly requested to book in advance: tel. 531 485 775.

The exhibition hall may not be available during the workshops or other scheduled events!

Distance from Vislow - 2.9 km.


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